The Combined Military Retiree’s Association (CMRA) is a Non-Profit Association of the District of Columbia (D.C. Code, 1981 edition, Title 29) and a Non-Profit Tax Exempt Organization under Section 501© (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Association was officially charted in the District of Columbia as a non-profit organization for humanitarian, civic and social purpose in 1976. This Association consists of a small group (35 Members) of retired military veterans who decided to continue servicing their country by supporting the youth and its seniors of our Communities (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia).

  • In addition to our humanitarian efforts, we believe in and strongly support religious activities without regard to denomination or individual beliefs. The Military Retirees’ as a group take pride in attending as a group several churches outside the area.
  • CMRA has held many functions over the years that have been significant in scope and purpose. The community has certainly supported us in these endeavors particularly events that support our scholarship. In October 1985 the Morris T. Allen Scholarship was established.
  • We are proud of our support to our community over the years by donating our time and resources to worthy causes, such as the Direct of Colombia Boys and Girls Club, the Excel Automotive Institute, Lecky Elementary School, Scholarship Program, Senior Citizens, the Ballou High School Junior ROTC Drill Team, the Fishing House (Home for the Wayward boys) and members of the community in need, just to name a few.
  • We have always enjoyed a group of distinguished leaders, who were dedicated to social causes, to recognize human needs, and to serve the community of which the military Retirees’ Association is an integral part. Through empathy, awareness, and fraternal concern, the members of the Association mutually strive toward becoming an even more viable force within the Metropolitan Area, and the greater community of mankind.
  • As we reflect on our history today, we can be thankful for the many blessing that have been bestowed upon us. Our organization is one we can be proud of, filled with talent and commitment toward doing good which is our eventual reward, and our hope that in the future we could have inspired our young people so not only will they be proud of what we do here but they will continue the legacy that began in 1976.